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About Us

Flower City Customs is a professional organization dedicated to providing the highest quality and most convenient services for your automotive reconditioning needs.
Our employees are mature adults with years of experience in their field who strive to meet or exceed every expectation. We are responsible and considerate in the handling of every automobile and are fully licensed and insured.



Flower City Customs was founded in March of 2000 as a single owner/operator business. Since then we have grown to include Four full-time Qualified Detail Team Members, Transport employees, Operation Supervisor and Owner/Manager. The once single service business has expanded to include multiple complementing services all in one convenient location.



Our mission is to delight every customer through specialized high quality services and personalized individual attention.



Our vision is to lead the automotive reconditioning industry through an unyielding commitment to quality and the consistent pursuit of innovative technology.











1805 Tebor Rd Webster, NY 14580







Mon.-Fri. 9am to 5pm, Sat. by appt.

Phone: (585) 265 - 3I80

Fax: (585) 265 - 3I8I















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