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Carpet Dye

What is Carpet Dye:

Carpet Dyeing is the process which changes a carpet’s color by covering the carpet fibers with a coloring agent thus improving its appearance. This is done by applying a coloring agent that coats each individual fiber right down to the matting.

The process begins by selecting a color; usually one slightly darker than the original to hide stains and other discolorations. Nobody can detect the dyed carpet is different from the original carpet supplied by the manufacturer. Fact is when examining a vehicle’s interior there are several different colored fabrics. A change in color will not be noticed by remaining within the original color scheme. Once a color has been selected the appropriate formula is then carefully mixed and tested.
Next the carpets are shampooed and prepared for dyeing.

The dye is then applied by a pressurized spray applicator covering the entire carpet including under seats, compartments and into tight crevasse. The carpet is treated with a uniform application producing the finest and most durable finish possible. Any excess dye on plastic or other interior components is easily wiped away.
The carpets are then dried leaving a soft, even color that is durable and undetectable.

Our professional Carpet Dye is superior to aerosol sprays. Aerosol sprays merely coat the top carpet fibers producing an uneven color with a coarse and inconsistent finish that is not as durable as professional Carpet Dye.

Carpet Dye:

Vacuum entire interior
• Shampoo carpets including floor mats
• Select color based on vehicle's color scheme
• Mix formula and Spray applicate to carpet and mats
• Remove excess from surounding areas
• Dry entire carpet and mats

Fabric freshener
Vellum floor mats


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