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Odor Elimination

What is Odor Elimination?
Odor Elimination is a series of professional processes which treats a vehicle’s interior and components with activated oxygen, active enzymes and counteractants.

What kind of Odors can be eliminated?
Odors caused by Smoke, pets, mold and food are some of the many situations that can be eliminated.

How are odors eliminated?
By treating the automobile’s interior and air handeling system with powerful sterilizers, followed by inducing “activated oxygen” (commonly known as O-zone) which will destroy odor-causing bacteria and/or molecules. This environmentally safe odor neutralizer actually destroys the source of the odor and leaves pure oxygen in its place.

What is O-zone?
Sometimes called "activated oxygen," ozone molecules consist of 3 oxygen atoms rather than the normal 2. O-zone rapidly destroys contaminants and odors. Ironically, ozone occurs commonly in nature, particularly as a consequence of lightning strikes. The "fresh, clean spring rain" smell we associate with thunderstorms results from natural formation of ozone. We are probably most familiar with reading about the "ozone layer" in the upper atmosphere. That's where a protective layer of ozone is created by the action of the sun's ultraviolet rays on molecular oxygen, protecting us from the deadly effects of short wavelength solar ultraviolet light. How does ozone work? While ozone is powerful, it is very short lived. When ozone molecules contact contaminants, odor molecules, etc, the extra reactive oxygen atom is transferred, oxidizing the target molecule, thereby destroying its ability to contaminate your airspace.


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