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Paint Repair

What is Micro Paint Repair?
Micro Paint Repair is a certified professional process which repairs many unsightly paint damage situations. These processes address only the affected area eliminating the need for traditional body shop techniques. Most repairs can be preformed in a single day.

What kind of damage can be fixed?
Damage such as scratches, scuffs, chips and small gouges are some of the many situations that can be repaired.

Color Matching:
Color match is obtained through each vehicle’s individual color code. The code is translated into a formula using the current automotive paint manufacturer’s specifications.


Single Stage Paint Repairs:
Small scratches and stone chips, Starting at $49.00 plus tax

Micro Paint Repairs:
Small, starting at $199.00 plus tax
Medium, starting at $249.00 plus tax
Large, starting at $299.00 plus tax


























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