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Since 2000, Flower City Customs in Webster, NY has proudly provided clients consistent, high-quality work. Our team specializes in auto detailing, and we offer an Auto Detailing Training School to help you start, market and grow your own business, in which you are your own boss.

Below are additional services we are happy to provide for our clients:



Factory Original Style, starting at $45 plus tax
Custom Style, starting at $99 plus tax
We have many standard colors in stock, or choose something totally unique from one of our catalogs.

What is Pinstripe?

Pinstripe is the professional application of factory original or custom-style adhesive striping. Pinstripe will set your car apart from the rest. An appearance-enhancing pinstripe will make your sports car ‘sportier’ or give your luxury car that touch of class that will separate your car from the rest.

Carpet Dyeing

Starting at $120 plus tax

What is Carpet Dye?

Carpet Dyeing is the process which changes a carpet’s color by covering the carpet fibers with a coloring agent, thus improving its appearance. This is done by applying a coloring agent that coats each individual fiber right down to the matting.

The process begins by selecting a color, usually one slightly darker than the original to hide stains and other discolorations. Nobody can detect the dyed carpet is different from the original carpet supplied by the manufacturer.

Fact is, when examining a vehicle’s interior there are several different colored fabrics. A change in color will not be noticed if it remains within the original color scheme. Once a color has been selected the appropriate formula, it is then carefully mixed and tested.
Next the carpets are shampooed and prepared for dyeing.

The dye is then applied with a pressurized spray applicator, covering the entire carpet including under seats, compartments and into tight crevices. The carpet is treated with a uniform application, producing the finest and most durable finish possible. Any excess dye on plastic or other interior components is easily wiped away.
The carpets are then dried, leaving a soft, even color that is durable and undetectable.

Our professional Carpet Dye is superior to aerosol sprays. Aerosol sprays merely coat the top carpet fibers, producing an uneven color with a coarse and inconsistent finish that is not as durable as professional Carpet Dye.

Carpet Dye

• Vacuum entire interior
• Shampoo carpets, including floor mats
• Select color based on vehicle’s color scheme
• Mis formula and spray the dye on carpet and mats
• Remove excess from surrounding areas
• Dry carpet and mats
• Complimentary:
• Fabric freshener
• Vellum floor mats

Odor Elimination

Starting at $70.00 plus tax (starting at $50.00 when included with Detail Service Package)

What is Odor Elimination?

Odor Elimination is a series of professional processes which treats a vehicle’s interior and components with activated oxygen, active enzymes and counteractants.

What kind of odors can be eliminated?

Odors caused by smoke, pets, mold and food are some of the many situations that can be eliminated.

How are odors eliminated?

By treating the automobile’s interior and air handling system with powerful sterilizers, followed by inducing “activated oxygen” (commonly known as O-zone) which will destroy odor-causing bacteria and/or molecules. This environmentally safe odor neutralizer actually destroys the source of the odor and leaves pure oxygen in its place.

What is O-zone?

Sometimes called “activated oxygen,” ozone molecules consist of three oxygen atoms rather than the normal two. Ozone rapidly destroys contaminants and odors. Ironically, ozone occurs commonly in nature, particularly as a consequence of lightning strikes. The “fresh, clean spring rain” smell we associate with thunderstorms results from natural formation of ozone. We are probably most familiar with reading about the “ozone layer” in the upper atmosphere. That’s where a protective layer of ozone is created by the action of the sun’s ultraviolet rays on molecular oxygen, protecting us from the deadly effects of short wavelength solar ultraviolet light.

How does ozone work? While ozone is powerful, it is very short-lived. When ozone molecules contact contaminants, odor molecules, etc, the extra reactive oxygen atom is transferred, oxidizing the target molecule, thereby destroying its ability to contaminate your airspace.

Decal & Vinyl Graphics Removal

Price by estimate. Example, decommissioned commercial vehicle or previously poorly done personal touches.

Overspray Removal

Price by estimate


At Flower City Customs, we provide a range of surface protection treatments from Gtechniq.

Gtechniq Crystal Lacquer

Gtechniq Crystal Lacquer protects your exterior from acid rain, staining, salt, water, oil, dirt, rust, bug-splatter, sun damage, color fading and more. The coating is a 100% clear quartz film that creates a durable surface.

Gtechniq Smart Fabric

Gtechniq Smart Fabric consists of nanoparticles that protect the fabric while retaining freshness and breathability inside your vehicle. This coating protects against stains, spills, food, sun damage, perspiration and other smells, bacteria and more.

Gtechniq Leather Guard

This durable guard protects leather from stains, spills, food, cracking, dye transfer and more.

Gtechniq Vinyl

This coating is great for dashboards, door panels, and other vinyl trim, keeping it looking like new and protecting against scuffing, marks and stains.

Wheel Armour

This rim coating repels dirt and dust as well as protects against minor scratching. It is also keeps rims easy to clean, and one coating can last for up to 18 months!

ClearVision Smart Glass

ClearVision Smart Glass repels rain, making it easier to see out of your windows in inclement weather. It also makes it easier to remove bugs and ice, keeping you safer.

Interior Repairs

Don’t let your car suffer from a lackluster interior. At Flower City Customs in Webster, NY, we can make your interior look like new. Since 2000, our professional auto detailing shop has provided high-quality, professional services for your vehicle.


What is Interior Repair?

Interior Repairs are certified processes incorporating the latest technology in automotive interior repair for leather, vinyl, plastic and cloth materials.

What kind of damage can be fixed?

Damage such as small rips, tears, cracks, burns, scuffs and gouges are some of the many situations that can be repaired.

What items can be repaired?

Items such as seats, dashboards, armrests, carpets, head liners and vinyl tops can be repaired inexpensively compared to costly replacements.

Rochester’s Go-To Interior Car Repair Shop


Leather: starting at $89.00 plus tax
Vinyl: starting at $49.00 plus tax
Plastic: starting at $49.00 plus tax
Velour: starting at $49.00 plus tax
Headliner: starting at $39.00 plus tax
Carpet: starting at $29.00 plus tax



Leather: starting at $149.00 plus tax
Vinyl: starting at $149.00 plus tax
Carpets: starting at $199.00 plus tax

For more information on any of our services, or to schedule an appointment at our shop in the Rochester area, contact us today at 585-265-3180!